learn and grow with us

CCS has begun work on an expansive curriculum which helps both the Beauty Professional and their client achieve outcomes necessary on the path to successful relationships.

Law + Ethics (IL)

The keys needed to understand the responsibilities of our profession. This program was written for the professionals of the beauty industry. Learn how to decipher civil code legislation when searching for needed information:

- Renewals

- Fees

- Education

- Salon/ School Registration

Skills Assessment

Whether you're preparing for the state exam, an exciting career opportunity, or simply trying to determine where to start based on your skill set, Chicago Chop Shop is here for you.


The fundamental basis for all understanding is communication. Learn or simply brush up on your ability to communicate clearly with clients. This class features tips on the 10 step Consultation. A much needed exercise in todays world of miscommunication.

Classroom and distance learning

Together with Zoom and Vagaro, we are preparing online courses to help fill some needs that are otherwise not possible during this time. Social distancing has all of us refocusing our efforts on how to take care or ourselves while also being of service to our clients. Be on the lookout for these videos and class products to be rolled out over the coming months. Until then,  be safe. 

Salon Fundamentals courses

skills instruction courses & skills assessments